Welcome to Corbett Creek Ranch


Pococito Jackie

(aka "Jackie")

Jackie is a 15.1 hand mare that is 5 panel negative, Homozygous Black, EE Heterozygous Dun, Dd and carries one Cream gene nCr. She was started by us at three years old, but has been turned out to raise babies since she was a four year old. Jackie has raised three very nice foals. Her first foal was a double homozygous filly (Sheza Poco Jessie) that we have kept.  We are anticipating some BIG, double homozygous colts that will have outstanding minds, conformation and color, along with a great pedigree to be willing and able to do whatever.

Sheza Poco Jessie

(aka "Jessie")

Jessie is a double Homozygous Black, EE Dun, DD nCr.  She is a BIG girl - at just  2 years old she stands 15.1 hands tall. Brent has started her and she is beginning to really ride around. Jess is the kind of filly you can leave in the pasture for a month or two and then saddle her up and ride her off. She has a sweet attitude and loves people.

Little Guns

(aka "Grey Momma")

Grey Momma a 15.0 hand own daughter of Sixes Pick and a granddaughter of Playgun. She produces huge hipped, little headed, common sense colts.

Amegas Amy Anne

(aka "Amy")

Amy is a Homozygous Black EE, Heterozygous Dun Dd filly we raised. She is a sweet, kind eyed, people loving girl that would walk miles to greet you. She enjoys being sprayed off in the pasture with the water hose, and is an absolute joy to ride.

Tess N Steel Dust

(aka "Tess")

Tess is our newest member of the family. She is double Homozygous Black EE, and Dun DD, and came to us via Canada. She is a super sweet girl that loves to be loved on. We will be starting Tess this winter and are expecting great things out of her.

Shining C Jaz Dust

(aka " KD")

KD is a pretty girl that's double Homozygous Black / Dun EE DD.  We are looking forward to seeing what this fancy girl produces.